Im back

Hey everyone so yes im back to blogging. I don’t think I have written a blog in a year or so. I have so much to catch you all up on!

So last time I blogged I was drowning my sorrows of my pitiful life due to my Ex. Well I can tell you right now he is out of my life, eventually I broke away from his mind games and became my own person. Only to end up in another relationship with a lying, cheating good for nothing but this time I didn’t stick around to get hurt like I did with martin and this one was out the door! Girls if you ever get into a relationship that is not at all making you happy then GET OUT! Trust me when I say that because I can assure you no matter how much you try it wont make matters any better, im not saying if you have the odd argument break up but if theres no trust or you aren’t happy more than 95% of the time then its time to find the door.

I went onto a levels, I thought it would be a good progression of my education. I took Media, Business, Product design and Performing arts. At first I loved a levels but then came the exams. If your going to do a levels I advise to start your revision as you go along DO NOT CRAM I tried to cram a years work into 2 months I ended up with 2 D’s a C and a B which was decent however I didn’t feel I was going anywhere so I decided to go for a fresh start, new people, new work, new me, new life. I enrolled at uxbridge college to do a level 3 diploma in creative media production. Well I can tell you right not it was the best choice I ever made! I have got an amazing group of friends there and we are so close and the work we produce is of much higher standard!

I don’t know if you knew but ive been working in McDonalds since July 2012. I have not been promoted to crew trainer. I guess its good because I got more money now and im ready for my practical driving test so I need money for that. As for relationships ive help fire on that department im fed up of rushing into things too quick and ending up hurt so I like somebody and I think he might like me too but we have flanter (flirty banter) and so I do NOT want to rush in to anything any time soon because I don’t want to get hurt again. Ive been there done that got the medal.

I think that’s everything for not, I going to go to bed 🙂 I think im going to write a daily blog like a journal so you can follow long the crazy wacky life of a teenage girl from London.