Blog #7

Quote; ‘never mind i’ll find someone like you’

Break ups, we all go through them but its not as easy to move on as people may say. Of course its normal to cry and be upset and most deffinatly overthink all little things in your head and dout the good memories. When you think back to all the good times, fun and memories you had makes you feel alone and reluctant for it back even if its not for the best.

Todays blog im going to give you some tips and help on how to get over a break up and what is normal after a break up. I have currently been going through the heartbreak as me and Martin broke up in march however i have bnot updated about it on this blog yet. I would not like to go into much detail about it but he cheated on me with his ex and i found out for myself.

Normal things to feel after the break up;

  • Empty in the pit of your stomach
  • Denial, you cant quite believe whats happened
  • Sometimes relief (not always)
  • revenge (depending on the circumstances)
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Like you could cry forever
  • Depressed, not interested in your usual activities and hobbies
  • Distracted and everything reminds you of your ex

All these are different thinks you may feel after your break up however everyone is different and it all depends on the circumstances and reasons why you broke up.

Steps to getting over your ex;

Never ever run back to them or call them all the time.  I know its hard to let go of the one you love but remember everything happens for a reason including this break up. Dont keep calling your ex, this iwill make you seem weak and clingy, this wont make them love you again.

Forgive and forget. Let things go of everything that happened, keep calm and take things slow. Do ot let your ex see you miserable and lost without them (expecially if your ex is a guy) this makes them feel a sense of power and may take advantage of you, this will give them an ego boost and give them great satisfaction.

Remember it’s okay to cry at night. For the first few weeks, it’s going to be a long and lonely journey. Things will be hard as the wounds are fresh, it will take a lot of getting used to as your so used to that person being around. It is better to cry it is a tempory phase you must go through to get past, eventually you will stop abd get sick of it however at this stage it is better to get it all out this will give you a clearer head, also listen to sad love songs which relate to you this is also a helpful way of getting over it.

Stay positive.  Just because he/she broke up with you or doesn’t want you back doesn’t mean that you’re “worthless”. There are plenty of other people who want you and would be willing to treat you even better than your ex. Dont waste your time on second chances when someone out there is still waiting for their first. Key points to remember are Smile and laugh and Surround yourself with friendsand people who care. This will make you feel a hundred times better and also this will make your ex realise you do not need them.

Hold your head high and move on. Don’t let one relationship drag you down even though it was the best one you ever had. There will be plenty more which may be even better, thre are going to be more good and others bad but this just brings us closer to our true soulmate.

Don’t try to ‘link/see eachother’ or have some sort of special relationships with your ex. This never ends up right when you just go back into that cycle. Yes, “that” cycle. Where you break up then make up then act all cute and happy but in the end, you’ll just be heartbroken and cry again and we are back to step one again. This will be continuous until you let go. Remember your relationship didnt work out for a reason.

Talk to a friend. When your ex plays around with your heart and head when he/she knows that you still want them, that’s when you definitely know that he/she is not for you. If you know this then you must let go or this may effect your future relationships. Don’t hold your feelings in, talk to a friend and cry. Let them comfort you and let yourself spill out your feelings thats what their their for.

socialize and keep to hobbies. This will take your mind off the break up and give you time to think and take a break which will help you forget about your ex.

Delete contact so you are not tempted to call him/her, also dont delete photos and messages but save them on a computer in a hidden away folder until you are able to face them again, delete them from your phone so you do not have a constant reminder of your ex.

REMEMBER; Whenever you miss him/her try to engage yourself or take a nap it refreshes your mind and reminds you of the pain you went through.

I hope this has come in helpful to those of you who are going through a breakup. Follow my blog and my twitter jemmalaurenxx tweet me if you ever need any advice