Blog #9

‘Fears make us stronger’

We all have faith in something, it may be a religion or a person but everyone has that hope, it is our lives purpose a specific belief which keeps us going from day to day. Fear comes though different forms whether that be physical or behaviour.

Think of this example;

It’s dark out, late at night, a storm is brewing and you’re home alone and sitting in your living room the only light from the tv lighting pictures. The house is quiet the only sound from the tv. You see it and hear it at the same time but your self consious is playing at the back of your head, nagging that something bad will happen. Suddenly the front door is thrown open against the door frame. Your breathing speeds up. Your heart races. Your muscles tighten. A split second later, you know it’s the wind. No one is trying to get into your home and you relax. For a split second, you were so afraid that you reacted as if your life were in danger, your body initiating the fight-or-flight response, a response of survival. This is critical to any animal’s survival. But really, you know there was no danger at all and you know you over reacted but the question is; What causes such an intense reaction?

What is the science behind fear?

Fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and causes the brain to release chemicals which cause the heart to race , fast breathing and energized muscles, among other things. Everyone is different, the stimulus is different for everyone. Some people are scared of spiders whereas others keep them as pets and love them. Some fear clowns whereas some find them funny. Fear can be created by word, you may be camping in a woodland area, completely safe however your friend tells you people go into the woods and never return this then triggers fear in your brain and may make you consious of your surroundings.

What is faith?

A confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, and idea, or a thing.

In the split second of fear we forget our faith,that spark that keeps us going and we give in to fear, it is a natural instinct which we cannot control.

People have faith of another life after death, that our creator ‘God’ will judge us on judgement day and decide whether we go to Heaven or Hell. There many perceptions of God, this depends on our religion and faith. Others do not believe in the existance of God and believe our universe was created from gravity pulling rocks together forming planets and causing a ‘big bang’.

However not everything can be explained and we will just have to continue with our own individual beliefs and thoughts i mean we have free will and i believe we should all live in a equal and fair society, live out lives to the full because w only get one shot at it so my message to all of you, make the most of it, achieve your dreams, live every day like its your last, treat others as you’d like to be treated, and just have fun!