Blog #6

Quote; I may not know it But these are the moments that I’m gonna remember most, yeah Just gotta keep going and i, I got to be strong Just keep pushing on

Douay martyrs 2007 – 2012

Its funny isnt it that the things you remember so clearly are the most random things? I remember my first day starting at Douay martyrs school it was sunny and i was outside Kerries house with Reece and our mums were taking pictures of us, we felt so grown up but looking back at the pictures we looked so young with our little baby faces! As the years went on we began to part from our primary school friends and join different friendship groups but i guess thats just part of growing up isnt it? The amount of friends i made and changed through the years!

The amount of hair colours i went through!

Me in year 7

Dark brown


Natural colour (with dodgy extentions 😉 )

Light brown


Purpple streak


To current date i am still blonde although i have roots and am getting it re done, this picture does not show it but my hair is a lot blonder however the lighting in the picture doesnt show it

Through the detentions, good news notes, referals and suspensions i began to change into a mature teenager by year 9 when we started our gcse options thats when it all had to change it was serious time to settle down and take my school work seriously phahah what a load of rubish! 😉 i was still a little sh*t LOL! but i did settle down a little bit.

  • drama
  • media
  • resistant materials

i picked ^ those three options for my gcse and loved them! Being in a mixed class with people from the other side of the year mixing the A,B,C,G and M,N,S,W form groups together we all became one big family supporting eachother through the hardest times, im not saying there wasnt conflict oh trust me there was always drama but when we moved from the arrowsmith campus to the cardinal hume campus at the end of year 10 when the current year 11s left where we was away from the years 7,8,9 and 10s only with the 6th formers who we did not ‘mingle’ with things begun to settle down.

Year 11 was the hardest, most memoriable year of all at Douay. People begun to fall out of the misbehaving habits and begun to settle down and concentrate on exams and coursework making sure to get it done. Every week we was told how many days we had left till we left school. I remember being told we had 108 days then all of a sudden we had 29 to go then next thing i knew i was on my last week of school! when i started year 9 they told us the following 2 years would fly by and wed be leaving before we knew it and oh my gosh they was not wrong there it was the quickest 2 years of my life i couldnt believe when it all came to an end.

18th may was the sadest day ever but deffo one to remember! The day i left Douay

I stayed at Kerries the night before we got alcohol and cigarettes ready for the day to come as everyone planned to go out once we left as we finished at half 12. We dressed up in our leavers hoodies, i wore her american flagged converse plaited hair and geek glasses i looked so cute! 😀

Class photos;

Resistant materials



Philosophy and Ethics


The leavers assembley was so emotional everyone was crying but i couldnt haha! i swear i was the only girl who didnt cry! We was shown a video of our time at Douay pictures from year 7 people sung and it was so lovely.

Half past 12 we was dismissed and send off into the big wide world. All the year went to pole hill park where i used to walk my nans dog when i was younger. Alcohol time! 😀

Yes i did get a bit drunk but it was celebrating the end of compulsary education!

Douay martyrs year 11s 2007-2012. Going to miss all the memories and good times! Times gone so fast since our first days of year 7! Wishing everyone all the best and good luck for the future, hope you all achieve your dreams thank you for making the past 5 years ones to remember ♥♥