Blog #10

‘The day where the world comes together in harmony’

Its just hours until the olympics begins, everyones excited. This is the first day where our world comes together all with the same desire for their country, harmless competition. We forget about all the problems in our country and come together to support those representing our contry, this is their moment, the moment theyve been waiting for, after many sacrafices and much dedication they made it to the olympics all thats left to do now is put that training into going for gold.

To many, they dont realise the amount of stress and hard work goes into training, whereas me i do. Why you may ask? because i was supposed to be in the olympics 2012 competing for gold in swimming. I trained for a couple of years for it, i started training before the 2008 olympics thats how much training goes into it, swimming training ar half past 4 every morning before school and half past 9 every night, it was so much strain on me i was only young at the time but i kept at it because i knew it would be worth it and by the time 2012 came i would be 16 so older and could take this stress and i would understand a lot more plus it would have kept me very fit! However it wasnt so easy to keep at, i begun secondary school i wanted to go out with my new friends try new things i had more freedom and felt more grown up i didnt want my life to revolve around swimming anymore, i ‘couldnt be bothered’ and thats when my dreams changed. I stopped swimming and quit training. Now it is all over the news about the torch, the opening ceremony and i look at it with great regret, i wish i hadnt douted my dreams because all that hard work was now for nothing, i wish i had stuck with my dream because life throws at us many temptations but to make us stronger people we must learn to resist.

I was part of a gymnastic company called spelbound. Recognise the name? if so you are right, they competed and won britians got talent, it appears my dreams are destined to come true but i dont stick around long enough to achieve them. However in some aspects i did achieve my dreams of performing, i was part of a theatre and dance group called ‘Theatre train’ i performed at the winston churchil threatre, the london palladium and the royal albert hall in london they were the best memories of my life i had amazing times!

Therefore my message to you all; learn from my mistakes dont give up on your dreams because it will all be worth it in the end no matter how hard things get remember how good it will feel in the end.

GO TEAM GB! Good luck to everyone competing.